Why Vegans Should Embrace Capitalism

What comes to your mind when you think of a typical vegan? Is it an aggressive hippie? A judgmental hipster? An easily triggered socialist? While these might not be YOUR assumptions, they are some of the mass-assumptions about vegans prevalent in our society today. Even I, being vegan myself, make some assumptions about people who... Continue Reading →

7 Athletes Destroying the “Weakling-Vegan” Stigma

Some of the strongest most powerful mammals on the planet are plant eaters, and still, there are masses of people that think we as humans need meat to thrive. However, despite these deep-rooted misconceptions in our society, a greater number of elite athletes in a range of sports are switching to a whole foods plant-based diet then ever before.

How I Learned to Gain Vegan Muscle

when I (basically) turned vegan over I definitely took a hit in my size. That's only because I suddenly changed for ethical reasons and thus was super unprepared for what laid ahead. What laid ahead was healthy, ethical, tasty and low-calorie. As someone who actually WANTS to gain weight, this quickly became something I had to learn to adjust to and overcome.

NEW: More Vegan Meat in Canada!

This is awesome. Every time I hear there is another international expansion of any plant-based companies I get feel a certain bliss, one that comes from feeling humanity is going in the right direction even if its slow. This time it's an American company coming up north; Lightlife. Lightlife was founded in 1979 America and has experienced... Continue Reading →

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