Gain 1 Inch to Your Biceps in 1 Week with this Bicep Blasting Workout

Are you ready to turn heads, feel confident, and be stretching those sleeves by next weekend? Then this plateau-breaking & bicep-blasting mini plan is exactly what you need. Why this Plan WorksThe Plan itselfThe Exercise Breakdown Here were going to see; You can add this plan on to the end of your workouts or simply... Continue Reading →

7 Athletes Destroying the “Weakling-Vegan” Stigma

Some of the strongest most powerful mammals on the planet are plant eaters, and still, there are masses of people that think we as humans need meat to thrive. However, despite these deep-rooted misconceptions in our society, a greater number of elite athletes in a range of sports are switching to a whole foods plant-based diet then ever before.

How I Learned to Gain Vegan Muscle

when I (basically) turned vegan over I definitely took a hit in my size. That's only because I suddenly changed for ethical reasons and thus was super unprepared for what laid ahead. What laid ahead was healthy, ethical, tasty and low-calorie. As someone who actually WANTS to gain weight, this quickly became something I had to learn to adjust to and overcome.

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