Why Vegans Should Embrace Capitalism

What comes to your mind when you think of a typical vegan? Is it an aggressive hippie? A judgmental hipster? An easily triggered socialist? While these might not be YOUR assumptions, they are some of the mass-assumptions about vegans prevalent in our society today. Even I, being vegan myself, make some assumptions about people who call themselves vegan.

The reality is, being vegan makes the most impact in a capitalist society.

Whatever your assumption about vegans is, they aren’t usually positively associated with capitalism. And that’s a problem.

In this article, we’re going to go over;

  1. How Dollars will always be the voice that is heard.
  2. Why Capitalism is the Most Efficient Vehicle for Veganism
  3. The growing attractiveness of ethical capitalism

Be Heard! (With Dollars)

Money. It speaks every language. Virtually everywhere, no matter the creed or nation, money is one of the most influential tools in existence. It’s what makes the world go round. While I am sure the psychology of money in its entirety is a complicated subject, the reason I feel money always speaks is that everything we know is constructed with a number of individuals.

But before any individual can really help another, they need to help themselves. For this simple reason, I believe money will always be the most influential tool in society.

And who has the most influential power when it comes to our daily lives? In my opinion, it’s the companies & corporations that we choose to interact with and/or give our attention to.

It’s pretty simple economics. When enough people pay attention and/or support a company (demand), the company will reciprocate. Reciprocate with value in the form of products, services, or communal/global impact & initiatives (supply).

Bigger & Bigger are the Economic Moves

We’re seeing more of it every day. Corporations & companies testing the markets heavily with plant-based options. In Canada, A&W and White Spot are the ones pushing their new collaborations with the plant-based company Beyond Meat, which has recently announced that they’re going public. Americans probably have seen beyond meat being served at a Carls Jr., Dunkin’ Donuts, or TGI Fridays. These are all huge names in the fast food business that pulls in a considerable amount of customers.

While I am sure market testing is done over years with these large corporations, the fact that they have started to put hard investments into the plant-based industry proves in a way the potential for substantial growth.

In short, the more we spend on plant-based products, from vegan & non-vegan companies, the more growth we will inevitably see in this sector. While you may not share all of the same morals, value, and beliefs of some corporation leaders, you may even oppose them, there is still no arguing that when a plant-based alternative is chosen by any customer animal suffering is reduced.

Efficiency in Capitalism

The reason I felt the need to write this, is because of how often capitalism itself, seems to be blamed for why veganism isn’t spreading. That big money is preventing veganism from spreading because there are already established entities in the food business that cannot be trifled with. The reality is capitalism doesn’t care about any of that. A truly capitalistic market only cares about where the money is going.

A dark past, but bright future.

It could be argued that because capitalism doesn’t inherently favor ethics or morale, that it is not the best way to spread the adoption of vegan lifestyles. But what is the alternative?

If capitalism can be blamed for the spread of animal agriculture than it can also be blamed for its decline. Studying the past is great for not repeating mistakes, but continuously focusing on negatives in the past, inhibits the ability to move forward.

I believe it is more efficient, to make capitalism work for the plant-based industry just like it did for animal agriculture in the last century. To support new plant-based companies, and ones transitioning, on their journey to becoming corporate plant-based entities/impactful organizations.

The Plant-Based Bae is Looking Hotter than Ever Before

It’s happening in more than just the progressive cities & states. Taking care of yourself has always been more attractive than the alternative to the majority of people. I would now argue that “living ethically,” is a trait that is going in the same direction.

Ethical living influencers are popping up left and right all over social media, and it’s not just related to the ethical treatment of animals. There is now access to more influencers than ever before from people like ___ who___ or ______ who _______. These types of individuals, the ones who preach and teach ethical lifestyles/practices, have been skyrocketing in popularity.

Now that the technologies exist and the information is available, people really do want to live healthier lives that make positive impacts on others. The rise in availability of ethical influencers and the impact that they have is yet another way we are going to see money flow into the plant-based sector. Plant-based bae, has just never been hotter!

Capitalism works for veganism. It will just take you consistently voting with your money, time, energy and attention.

Until Next time, Strive to Thrive!

Aidan Morgan

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