Are Multivitamins Necessary When Your Vegan?

If you want to thrive on a plant-based diet, then you want to do it right. There’s nothing worse than someone who attempts to go vegan, eats poorly and then goes on to state that “being vegan made them sick.” This just makes it more unlikely for other people to make the change. The issue here was not being vegan, it’s more than likely a lack of planning. We can come to this conclusion because it has been shown that a vegan diet is perfectly adequate for all stages of life including pregnancy and infancy.

But what about Iron, Vitamin D and the infamous B12? Aren’t vegan diets notoriously deficient in these? Avid meat eaters seem to think so but the simple answer is, they don’t have to be.

A properly planned diet/meal plan with adequate calories should not be deficient in any of these. You can get loads of Iron from foods like; spinach, almonds, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, beans & lentils. You can get your B12 &Vitamin D from fortified plant milks, cereals & mushrooms.

At the same time, it never hurts to play it safe. And taking a vegan multivitamin is one of the best ways to do that.

My favorite brand of ethically made multivitamins & minerals is; Herbaland.

Herbaland has a wide array of different vitamin combinations, are available on Amazon, & are just $20 for a 90-Gummy bottle.

Real food will always be better but by adding a multivitamin to your pretty diverse diet with enough calories, you can basically guarantee you are getting all the micro nutrients you need.

Until Next time, Strive to Thrive!

Aidan Morgan

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